Moon Days

Traditionally, both full and new moon days are observed as holidays in the Ashtanga Yoga tradition. The moon days listed are the days nearest to the new and full moons at Balance Yoga. On these dates no Mysore practice will be held.


Sunday, January 6th New Moon
Monday, January 21st Full Moon
Sunday, February 3rd New Moon
Tuesday, February 19th Full Moon
Wednesday, March 6th New Moon
Thursday, March 21st Full Moon
Friday, April 5th New Moon
Friday, April 19th Full Moon
Sunday, May 5th New Moon
Saturday, May 18th Full Moon
Monday, June 3rd New Moon
Monday, June 17th Full Moon
Tuesday, July 2nd New Moon
Tuesday, July 16th Full Moon
Thursday, August 1st New Moon
Thursday, August 15th Full Moon
Friday, August 30th New Moon
Saturday, September 14th Full Moon
Saturday, September 28th New Moon
Sunday, October 13th Full Moon
Monday, October 28th New Moon
Tuesday, November 12th Full Moon
Tuesday, November 26th New Moon
Thursday, December 12th Full Moon
Thursday, December 26th New Moon