Mysore Program

Mysore style practice is the absolute best way for beginners to learn the Ashtanga yoga practice. All it requires is an open and focused mind, trust, patience, humility, a good sense of humor, and a commitment of coming to class at least 3 days a week.

Mysore is an ancient and authentic way of learning and practicing the Ashtanga yoga method. This method is extremely practical and has proven to be exquisitely effective for decades. Through regular practice, one cultivates a strong, healthy body and a calm, steady mind. Ashtanga Yoga is comprised of a number of specific set sequences that serve the purpose of providing structure and discipline to the initially scattered mind. With the help of the teacher in the room, you will slowly begin to memorize and execute these sequences one posture at a time, which allows one to build the necessary foundation of strength, flexibility, and concentration required to progress safely along the path of yoga.

The Mysore Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system is essentially a moving meditation which slowly infiltrates one’s life beyond the mat and into one’s daily experience of life. There is a very special and magical energy of community and connectedness that is felt amongst the students who are moving through and sharing this sacred practice experience together.

Mysore Pricing

One Month Unlimited
  • 1 Month of Unlimited Mysore & Yoga
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Three Month Unlimited
  • 3 Months of Unlimited Mysore & Yoga
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Our monthly Mysore memberships also include access to all of our regularly scheduled yoga classes.
Please contact before attending your first Mysore session.

Mysore Class Notes

  • On practice days you may arrive when convenient for you, but please arrive so you have enough time to complete your practice
  • Led classes begin promptly at their scheduled times; please arrive a few minutes in advance to be ready for class
  • There will be no classes or practice on Moon Days (New Moon and Full Moon)